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SIU Graduate Attributes

Programme Outcomes

Program Outcome (PO) 1: Management graduates should be able to comprehend, organize and solve complex business problems using the resources available at their discretion.

Program Outcome (PO) 2: Management graduates should create, select and apply advanced technologies related to the latest management and information technology tools with quantitative and qualitative techniques to solve business-related issues.

Program Outcome (PO) 3: Management graduates should be able to apply their viewpoint in the management field of study to develop fully motivated opinions on contemporary issues such as the need for innovation, integrity, leadership and change management, globalization and technology management.

Program Outcome (PO) 4: Management graduates should improve the entrepreneurial ability to provide innovative solutions to the need of humanity.

Program Outcome (PO) 5: Management graduates should analyze the environmental, social, political, technological, environmental, health, safety, sustainability and legal context of business.

Program Outcome (PO) 6: Management graduates should able to communicate effectively with society and they should able to comprehend and write effective reports & present properly. 

Program Outcome (PO) 7: Management graduates should focus on team bonding & value-based leadership ability.

Program Outcome (PO) 8: Management graduates should have the ability to work intelligently, individually and as a team, using techniques such as case analysis, projects and assignments.

Program Outcome (PO) 9: Management graduates should evaluate and integrate ethical considerations into decision-making.